The MIXED METAL trend, is it for you?

Most people have a preference if you ask them, gold or silver? Often it comes down to what they think look best against their skin, or with their hair colour. 
So when a new jewellery trend comes along, that inspires you to wear both gold and silver tones jewellery together, at the same time, where does that leave us?
I personally, always thought that anything silver toned was my metal of choice. So, white gold, platinum and sterling silver were my go-to’s. The latter being especially popular as a young woman who wanted to be stylish but had a smaller budget. I believed that gold didn't compliment my skin tone and worst of all, made me look old. All women know, this is something we avoid like the plague.
I’m here today to tell you that all of this, although well meaning, and what we believe wholeheartedly to be true, is total nonsense. Often, our thoughts on what “suit” us have been ingrained in our psyche from a young age from magazines, old wives tales, and the odd throw away comment that we held on to. After years in the jewellery industry making jewellery not just for my clients, but for myself, I have come to the realisation that what “suits” you is a fluid concept. What can suit you today may not be ideal tomorrow, it all comes down to how you feel at what vibe you’re projecting. But I will tell you this, mixing gold with silver, suits everyone, all of the time. 
I’m so happy that this trend is finally accepted because I've been doing it for years and years. I heard so many people tell me they were shocked I was mixing my metals as it was so taboo, and as a jewellery designer I should know better. Pah! I wonder what they think now. I would also like to tell them, I wear navy with black…and watch them faint in shock. 
Bohemian Butterfly handmade jewellery is semiprecious stone intensive for sure, but when there is metal detailing I do like to add both gold and silver if the design permits it. I also like to recommend that when wearing, let's say for example necklaces, several can be worn at once, each with a different metal featured. These are just some of the ways you can add the mixed metal trend into your jewellery repertoire. Of course, you can also choose jewellery that features both metals in one piece.
DEVYN Necklace
The DEVYN necklace featuring a gold and silver carabiner lock
ORBIT earrings
The ORBIT earrings in mixed metal
Like with any trend it should never be do or die, whatever your "style" is is specific to you, thats what makes us all so unique. I only ask that if the opportunity arises, give the mixed metal trend a try. It's easy to do, and you never know, you may love it and be converted!
(Featured image photo by Alex Chambers on Unsplash)

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