The unique CHARM of PENDANTS

As an avid jewellery collector I have pieces I have acquired from all over the world as well as pieces I have made for myself. I like to combine these to create a look that is unique to me and my personality. Lately I have been mixing and matching pendants and charms with chains that I have and started attaching them to some of the gemstone strands I have too.
I love the versatility of pendants and charms. They can be worn with chains, attached to the clasp of a strand of pearls (clasp permitting of course), or even as earring charms depending on their size and weight. Mix your metals, mix your stones, show off your personality. The combinations are endless, and that appeals to me, GREATLY.
So in light of this, I decided to create a new collection featuring only pendants and charms. Some I have collected from all over the world and of course lots of stunners made by Bohemian Butterfly. These pendants and charms can be found at
All pendants can be worn with chains or attached to clasps of individual strands of Bohemian Butterfly semiprecious gemstone necklaces. Use a charm holder and attach several charms for a little extra wow factor. As always Bohemian Butterfly jewellery aims to create unique and inspired jewellery for you. Let your jewellery reflect what you are feeling on any given day, and whatever you do, always have fun with it! 
Bohemian Butterfly Pendants

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