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Blake (Pink Opal & Mnstn) 1.jpg
Blake (Pink Opal & Mnstn) 1.jpg
Blake (Pink Opal & Mnstn) 2.jpg
Blake (Pink Opal & Mnstn) 6.jpg
Blake (Pink Opal & Mnstn) 5.jpg
Blake (Pink Opal & Mnstn) 4.jpg
Blake (Pink Opal & Mnstn) 3.jpg
Blake (Pink Opal & Mnstn) 7.jpg




The Blake necklace is a Bohemian Butterfly design that will stand the test of time. Jewelry this stunning never ages or goes out of fashion. Featuring gorgeous large freeform pieces of semiprecious stones paired with complimentary stones in a Y necklace style. This particular piece showcases lovely pink opal and iridescent rainbow moonstone on sterling silver. Wear this necklace on its own to show off its style and colour. This is the kind of statement you want to make! All metal detailing is in sterling silver.

Please note that as the Blake necklace is made to be large and is chunky in size, it is a heavier piece.

Length of necklace (not including drop) 24 inches

Length of drop 4.5 inches

Average size of pink opals 28mm x 35mm

Average size of moonstone 6mm x 10mm