Bohemian Butterfly citrine bracelet
citrine crystal bracelet
semiprecious stretch bracelet
handmade citrine bracelet
Semiprecious stone stretch bracelets


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Simplicity is key here, and sometimes simplicity is all you need. A band of semiprecious stones sitting pretty on your wrist. These beautiful stones remind you daily of the positivity around you. Each represents something different and personal for you. 

Citrine cleanses the chakras and opens the intuition. It is said to attract wealth, prosperity and success and impart joy, wonder and delight. I don’t know about you but that bright pop of sunshine yellow is enough to make me happy.

Please do remember that all handmade jewellery must be worn and stored with extra care. This piece has been designed and made to be sturdy but over stretching will cause the bracelet to snap. I would advise that you roll the bracelet onto the wrist as opposed to pulling it on. 

Wrist size 7.5 inches 

Citrine 10mm   

(PLEASE NOTE, this listing is for ONE bracelet)

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