Sterling silver hoop earrings
Bohemian Butterfly hoop earrings
Sterling silver and gold fill earrings
Hoop earrings with beads
Silver and gold hoop earrings


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Who doesn't love a pair of hoop earrings? When you're stuck for what kind of earring style to wear, a pair of hoops always takes things up a notch. They're playful enough for daytime wear, but when paired with other jewelry can also be worn in the evening. The Charley earrings are a new Bohemian Butterfly design featuring a delicate silver or gold hoop with silver or gold cube beads. Each side has fifteen beads which move along the hoop. These hoop earrings represent my obsession with mixed metal jewelry. I love gold and silver as metals but I love them even more when they are paired together. This particular pair of Charley earrings features a sterling silver hoop with 14k gold fill beads.

Hoop diameter 35mm

Beads 3mm

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