Blue semiprecious stone necklace
Kyanite necklace
Bohemian Butterfly necklace
Handmade kyanite necklace
Bohemian Butterfly kyanite jewelry


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This GORGEOUS blue kyanite literally blows my mind! It has this almost metallic sheen to it, that reflects the light, and possibly the most appealing shade of blue. I paired it with the always perfect rainbow moonstone in the form of small facetted rondelles, and light blue lace agate. These semiprecious stones have all been individually wire wrapped with sterling silver rings thrown in to break up the stone flow. I love this necklace for so many reasons but mainly it's for its ease of use, it goes with everything, and the beautiful shades of blue. All metal detailing is in sterling silver.


Length of necklace 19.5 inches

Kyanite 12mm x 10mm

Blue lace agate 8mm

Rainbow moonstone rondelles 3mm