Pearl face mask chain
Dark grey pearl mask chain
Bohemian Butterfly sunglasses chain
Handmade face mask chain


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Who doesn't love pearls? I have grown to love them more and more through out my jewellery journey. I particularly love darker pearls because they add a touch of mystery to an already classic look. As I always say, Coco would approve.

This mask and sunglasses chain features dark grey black pearls. Wear it with your face mask by attaching it directly to the straps of your mask, wear it with your sunglasses with the additional removable loops, and finally wear it as a necklace by linking the two clasps together. All metal detailing is in sterling silver (excluding sunglasses attachments which are stainless steal).

Please note that this chain is sold without a mask.

Pearl is the birthstone for June.

Average size of pearls 5mm

Length 26 inches

(Mask by Jasper Living