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Deja (Emerald on St Slv) 1.jpg
Deja (Emerald on St Slv) 1.jpg
Deja (Emerald on St Slv) 2.jpg
Deja (Emerald on St Slv) 3.jpg
Deja (Emerald on St Slv) 4.jpg
Multi strand necklace (Safia, Deja, Flourish)  2.jpg
Multi strand necklace (Safia, Deja, Flourish) 1.jpg




The emerald Deja necklace is gorgeous, simply gorgeous. It is simple in design but the colour is so organic that it makes a real statement. I kept the piece simple because I wanted to show off the cuts and colour of the emeralds. This necklace is beautiful worn on it's own, but layered with other pieces it will look just as spectacular. I was told that Deja is a French word for something that has happened or was seen before, in my mind this made me think of repetition. Perfect for this sequence of emeralds wouldn't you say? This necklace is finished with a hook clasp. All metal detailing is in sterling silver.

Emerald is the birthstone for May.

Length of necklace 24 inches

Emeralds 7mm