Dendritic agate and turquoise necklace
Handmade turquoise necklace
Handmade dendritic agate necklace
Bohemian Butterfly turquoise necklace
Bohemian Butterfly statement dendritic agate necklace


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How gorgeous are these dendritic agate drops? Stunning black and white semiprecious stone drops clustered towards the centre of this beautiful necklace. I paired them with the equally striking aqua turquoise to really give a contrast to the monochrome of the agate. Worked a charm I'd say! This necklace is long enough to be worn with other pieces, but honestly, it is so lovely I would wear it on it's own to show off the beautiful stones. All metal detailing is in sterling silver.

Turquoise is the birthstone for December

Length of necklace 25.5 inches

Turquoise 3mm

Dendritic agate approximately 8mm x 12mm