Opalite and pearl necklace
Golden brown semiprecious stone necklace
Knotted semiprecious gemstone necklace
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Handmade opalite necklace


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The Highland necklace features golden pearls with gorgeous Brazilian opalite. I have hand knotted each stone using waxed cotton, so that the overall piece is flexible and fluid as opposed to rigid. I've always loved any semiprecious stone that has an abundance of natural inclusions, there's just something about them that attracts me. Consistency can be good but when there is a natural inconsistency it further highlights just how beautiful these stones are. Which is also why I opted for an irregular nugget cut for the gemstones. Although inherently a classic design, with pearls, the Highland necklace has a modern edge. Finished with a braided toggle clasp. All metal detailing is in sterling silver.

Length of necklace 24 inches

Pearls 5mm