Ametrine earrings
Handmade semiprecious earrings
Bohemian Butterfly ametrine earrings
Long ametrine earrings
Bohemian Butterfly handmade semiprecious stone earrings


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The Kin earrings are a modern take on simple elegance. It's no secret how much I love semiprecious stones, but sometimes its so refreshing to just let the stone do all the 'talking'. These earrings do just that. It's all about the focal stone, in this case lovely light purple and yellow ametrine. I hung two strands of fine sterling silver chain from each side to add length to the earrings, and staying true to my mix metal passion also added some 14k gold fill mini nuggets for good measure. 

Length of earrings 9.5cm

Ametrine 15mm x 20mm

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