Turquoise and sterling silver statement earrings
Handmade turquoise earrings
Semiprecious stone wire wrapped earrings
Turquoise and silver earrings
Handmade semiprecious stone jewelry


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The Prism earrings are stunning. There really aren't enough words to do them justice, but I will try my best. Featuring hand forged metal frames in either sterling silver or 14k gold fill, with carefully wire wrapped semiprecious stones. I chose to name them Prism because the colour and facets of the stones and the technique used to wire wrap them remind me of the light refractions associated with prisms. These particular earrings showcase a perfect combination of Hubei turquoise and sterling silver. The turquoise are lightly facetted and as they are smaller in diameter, the increased number of stones gives a gorgeous tight wrap effect, when wrapped around the frame of the earrings. All metal detailing is in sterling silver.

Length of earrings (from top of hook) 71mm

Width of earrings (at widest point) 45mm

Turquoise 2mm

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