Handmade dalmatian jasper necklace
Knotted dalmatian jasper necklace
Brown tassel necklace
Semiprecious stone tassel necklace
Bohemian Butterfly semiprecious stone necklace


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My obsession with tassels runs deep...I simply adore them. When I'm deciding what jewelry to wear I usually always turn to something with a tassel on it. They are my go to! And why not? They are fun and can be dressed up with other jewelry for a more elegant bohemian look. Each Safia necklace features more than one hundred double knotted stones with an eight strand deerskin leather tassel. This particular necklace showcases speckled dalmatian jasper and a gorgeous dark brown deerskin leather tassel. The Safia necklace does not have a clasp closure and is worn by slipping it over the head.

Length of necklace 36 inches

Dalmatian jasper 8mm

Length of tassel 4.75 inches

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