Blue lace agate necklace
Blue agate pendant on silver chain
Handmade blue lace agate pendant necklace
Blue semiprecious stone pendant necklace
Handmade blue lace agate jewelry


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The Titan necklaces feature a single bold statement pendant on chain in either 14k gold fill or sterling silver. The simplicity of the design allows the stones to really show off and be the focal points. For this particular necklace I chose tho pair an absolutely gorgeous blue lace agate with hammered sterling silver chain. The texture on the chain gives a little added shimmer to the necklace, which is always a bonus in my book. This stunning stone pendant has truly beautiful natural inclusions in black, brown and white. I placed the clasp near the pendant and to the side, again to throw in some added interest to an already beautiful necklace. Perfect for layering, but when worn on its own it is just as eye catching. All metal detailing is in sterling silver.

Length of necklace (not including pendant drop) 25 inches

Blue lace agate 57mm x 25mm

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