The Bohemian Butterfly Story



  1. socially unconventional in an artistic way.


Years ago, I was working towards building a career that little did I know at the time was simply not going to fulfil me. I always felt like there was a missing link, something special that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.
When a necklace I had bought inevitably fell apart after a few wears, I remade it into something completely different, which I preferred, and with that stumbled upon jewellery design. What really struck me was how happy I was creating and the sense of freedom it gave me. I found that the endless possibilities with design and colour and the beauty of the natural stones, filled me with joy and made me feel positive. I had finally found my missing link.
With my jewellery I want to share with others that same positive effect. When I look at a piece of a jewellery I see the colour and the intricacy of design, and it makes me happy. Through Bohemian Butterfly I want to share that with you. 
I had the courage to find what gave my life meaning and purpose and made me joyful, and I want to inspire others to do that too. With my jewellery I want you to feel uninhibited, free and happy. 



As a jewellery designer and maker, I draw not only from my passion for colour and design, but my life.
I have a multicultural background being of mixed race and I draw endless inspiration from that. From the delicate hand embroidered silks my Chinese grandmother has kept for decades to the decadent flavours of a traditional homemade bucatini all‘amatriciana, my senses are constantly stimulated. I like to say that like a diamond I am multi-facetted.
I have been lucky enough to live in several different countries and have travelled to far reaching corners of the world. When I travel, I find inspiration in the landscapes, people and even the sounds of these new and intriguing places. Colour is everywhere but we so often take it for granted. Colour shapes how we feel, and how we feel shapes what we believe we can do. I want you to know you can do ANYTHING.




To create beautiful and eclectic jewellery that inspires you to live freely, uninhibited by the monotony of daily life, and ready to embrace happiness and all things positive.





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Alisha xx