Giving Back

Bohemian Butterfly believes in giving back. We want to do our part and celebrate great causes that are important to us.
How much is donated you may ask…well, it’s simple really, we will donate 5% of net profits directly to worthy causes. No middle man, just straight to those who need it the most.
Below is where we will highlight our nominated charities. We are proud to support these organisations and hope that through Bohemian Butterfly you will also feel positive about your contribution each time you wear your jewellery.

Singapore Association for Mental Health

Mental health is a subject that is close to my heart. It is often one that we keep in the dark and unfortunately do not give enough attention to. It is important to normalise care and consideration for our mental as well as physical health. 
Often those who are suffering with mental health issues do not have the resources to help themselves. It is a brave endeavour to take ones mental health seriously and organisations like Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) help those in need with invaluable guidance and support. 
I encourage you to learn more about this worthy cause here.

Singapore Association for Mental Health Logo